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New shipping method Debut - DHL shipping start!

by ターキー TxM事業部
Dear abroad customes,

As you know, EMS is not operating normally due to COVID-19 now.

Please check below URL about EMS shipping peration.

[EMS shipping information by Japan Post Office]

Thank you for your cooperation about your parcel suspended and we are sorry for your inconvenience.

Today, we have a very good announcement!

We can ship your parcel by DHL.
DHL shipping fee is 3,000JPY.

The shipping cost for DHL is 3,000 JPY worldwide.
Free shipping on orders over 30,000 JPY!

EMS and DHL Please choose the one you like.

However, please check the below notes carefully.
*Customer will have to pay import taxes. (Both EMS/DHL)
*Not available in some areas such as China and Russia customer.

Best Regard.