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We will extend the end date of the "30%OFF winter sale".

by ターキー TxM事業部
Thank you for using TxM.

As you know, with the issuance of a state of emergency to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, the Tokyo metropolitan area (one metropolitan area and three prefectures) is required to refrain from going out.

TxM does not have a directly managed store, but we feel that the number of people in the city is decreasing day by day.

It is difficult to get uplifted in a situation where it is difficult to go out, so we would like our customers to raise their mood through our products as much as possible.

We want you to spend more time at home with our products.

With that in mind, the end date of the "30% OFF Winter Sale" currently being held was set at 1/25 12:00, but the end date will be extended to 1/31 12:00 !!

Please use our bikini underwear in such cases as you continue to stay at home and feel uncomfortable or bore in your life.